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Wasp nests are
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    Wasps nests are a problem, as they can contain up to 10,000 wasps! Being stung by a wasp is not only painful but can be life-threatening if you are allergic and may suffer from anaphylactic shock. Wasps can attack in large numbers if their nest is disturbed or threatened. It is important to have a wasps nest dealt with by the professionals, it is not recommended that you try to deal with a wasps nest yourself.

    The risk from wasps is higher towards the end of the summer, therefore it is preferable to treat the nests earlier on in the year before wasps become too aggressive.

    At the end of the summer the nest is abandoned by all the wasps except the queen who will hibernate until the spring, and then she will go in search of a new place to build her next nest, usually in wall cavities, roofs/lofts or outbuildings. Wasps’ nests usually start quite small & can grow quite quickly but can be difficult to spot, the best way is to look out for wasps going in and out of a single entrance hole every 2-4 seconds, this will usually indicate a nest.

    If a problem is identified, upon your agreement we will conduct the following:

    • Using a “Bulb Duster” we use Ficam D insecticide to spray the nest
    • This is a dry spray treatment
    • We recommend a 1 hour exclusion period

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