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    Garden & Black Ants

    Garden & Black Ants have a variety of nesting habits, some like to build their nests in soil, others behind moldings, baseboards and counter tops; they feed on different types of food, including starches, meats, sweets and fats.

    They are primarily a nuisance and cause little damage and aren’t generally associated with spreading disease.

    The best way to eliminate an infestation is to locate the nest and destroy it.
    If a problem is identified, upon your agreement; we will conduct the following:

    • A water-based spray treatment using an insecticide called Ficam W is used
    • This is applied to the areas where the infestation is, which could be cracks and crevices and along the edge of floor junctions
    • It is a one-off treatment
    • For precautionary purposes we recommend a 1hour exclusion period, whereby no one can enter the vicinity of the treatment either during or up to 1hour after completion
    • However, this can only be done in an area where a fish pond is not nearby, as the insecticide could be harmful to aquatic life

    Pharaoh Ants

    Pharaoh Ants are usually smaller than garden ants, lighter in colour and are mostly found indoors. They can be a risk to public health.

    Pharaoh Ants are generally found in bathrooms, kitchens, work surfaces, boiler cupboards, kettles and may infest food. Pharaoh ants have been known to transmit disease organisms, in hospitals, known as

    • Keep food preparation areas clean
    • Cover any loose food items and place in sealed containers
    • All food rubbish should be put into a bin liner and emptied into an outside bin as soon as possible

    Capital Pest control use Maxforce Quantum Gel, which is applied using a “Gel Gun” around the areas of the infestation, which would be cracks and crevices and along the edge of floor junctions.

    These treatments are more complex and can take place up to 2-3 months, which can be up to 5-6 treatments to eradicate and the same process applies each time.

    There is an exclusion of 1 hour for this treatment.

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