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    Clothes moths, otherwise known as Tineola biselliella, don’t fly towards light as other moths do. Instead, they will spend months hidden in dark places such as wardrobes, where they can breed and feast on your favourite clothes.

    The adult female will lay her eggs, which look like grains of rice, on clothing fibres, laying around 40 eggs over a three week period, then die. It takes only a few days for the eggs to hatch, and remain as larvae for up to two years, eating away at natural fibres.

    Moths have expensive taste and clearly prefer silk, cashmere, sheepskin, pure wool and feathers.

    If a problem is identified, upon your agreement; we will conduct the following:

    • To monitor activity levels of moths we install Demi-Diamond traps which is a fairly small trap containing a glue board
    • The glue board contains a pheromone attractant, thus enticing the moth to it, thereby allowing activity levels to be assessed between service visits
    • We would then carry out a fogging treatment using an insecticide called Mostyn, providing a full blanket spray treatment
    • There is a 24 hour exclusion period after carrying out this treatment, whereby no one can enter the vicinity of this area as the vapour particles will still be in the air
    • We also recommend no vacuuming for 48 hours after treatment is completed

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