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Cockroaches carry
diseases, are you
at risk?


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    Cockroaches are a high-risk pest, they carry and can spread serious illnesses including salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid, with children and the elderly being the most vulnerable and susceptible. In addition to this droppings from cockroaches have been linked with an increase in eczema and asthma.

    Cockroaches produce an odour that taints food and any objects they come into contact with, they can breed rapidly and are highly resilient and need to be eradicated immediately to ensure that they do not spread to other properties nearby.

    Signs of Cockroaches:

    • Live insects – cockroaches are nocturnal and hide during the day, you will most likely see cockroaches at night when turning on the light in the kitchen
    • Cockroach droppings – cockroaches leave a dust of black/dark brown droppings that are cylindrical & less than 2mm wide if water is scarce
    • Odour – cockroach infestations produce an unpleasant, musty smell
    • Damage – cockroaches are omnivorous and will eat almost anything, food, leather, books, paper, clothing and animal matter (such as hamster or rabbit droppings – as well as their food)


    If a problem is identified, upon your agreement; we will conduct the following 3 part program treatment:

    • We spray all areas i.e.wardrobes, drawers, bed bases, headboards, etc

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