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    Many people see feral pigeons as part of our natural wildlife, as they can become quite tame and will take food from your hand. However, they can be a serious nuisance.

    The birds roost and nest on buildings and other structures that provide a little shelter, balconies, flat roofs, ledges, loft spaces and abandoned buildings; if there is access.

    Their natural food is grain and green vegetables but they will scavenge and eat almost anything.

    Feral pigeons (the common pigeon), usually nest in their own droppings and their nests attract many insect pests including mites, flies and fleas.

    These can then carry diseases (such as salmonellosis and tuberculosis) from the nests to humans nearby.


    We can install spiking or wire anywhere a problem exists, usually rooftops, gates, balconies, penthouse apartments.


    We install netting generally on rooftops, in warehouse depots, and anywhere pigeons are a nuisance.


    A pigeon cull takes place early in the morning, as this is the time they roost within an area. We contact the Police for a Reference Number and this is passed on to the customer, confirming police awareness that a shoot will be taking place. The cull is carried out by a certified Marksman.


    This is a pioneering gel that does not kill or trap birds, but tricks birds into thinking buildings are on fire.

    It is unobtrusive and extremely effective.

    Should a bird or other pest come into direct contact with the gel it produces a stinging sensation (comparable to stinging nettles on humans), which will cause no lasting injury but will cause minor discomfort until the effects wear off.

    The product appears as an orange gel to the human eye, but to pigeons which are able to see ultraviolet light, it looks like flames, deterring them from landing on their favourite buildings.

    The flightless birds are removed and if appropriate a clean will take place to remove any debris.

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