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Top Tips for
Winter Pest Control


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Top Tips for Winter Pest Control

The coldest months are upon us and it is easy to assume that most creatures are tucked away hibernating somewhere awaiting spring. In fact, many of the animals and insects we consider pests do not hibernate over the winter months at all. They just look to move somewhere warmer – namely, into our homes and properties.

With heating systems on full blast, our properties become a luxury destination for creepy crawlies and vermin of all kinds. Here are four tips for keeping on top of pest control throughout the winter months.

1. Don’t assume there is no way in

Just because you think all doors and windows are sealed properly, it doesn’t mean your property is pest proof. Mice are notorious for being able to squeeze through the tiniest of cracks, and there will always be ways into your property you probably haven’t even thought about. Disused air vents and water pipes are an open invitation to rats, so make sure you do a thorough survey of all fixtures and plumbing and close off everything that is not in use.

2. Sweep up fallen leaves

Piles of leaves allowed to build up around the outside of your property, especially in doorways, are an ideal refuge for flies, beetles and cockroaches looking for somewhere to see out the coldest weather. From these piles, it is only a short scurry or flight into the building when the door is open, and before you know it you have an infestation of much happier, livelier insects inside.

3. Shut off fascias

If you have any gaps in the fascia boards under your roof, there is a risk that you will end up with birds nesting in your attic spaces. Although many birds migrate for the winter months, the threat does not disappear. Pigeons are one bird which does not migrate, and they will be on the lookout for a warm home for the winter.

4. Lock up outdoor bins

Winter months are lean times for foxes, and it is at this time of year that they are more likely to cause disruption by hunting for food in your bins. Make sure they don’t get the opportunity by either using lockable bin lids, or shutting your bins away in secure outhouses.